Saturday, November 3, 2007

Playing hooky pays off!

So seeing as I haven't had a spare minute to myself in the last few weeks, I took the day off. I stayed in my jammies til 10 and ate dry frosted mini wheats on the couch out of the box....I am a par-tay ANIMAL. It amazes me what I consider a 'treat' now as oppossed to 5 or even 3 years ago. Just the thought of having time to myself (that also created a 3-day weekend) was enough to keep me walking on fluffy little clouds all week. However an idea is really all I husband's last case was at 10 this morning so he was home around 1:30 as oppossed to the expected 4:30. He considered this a nice surprise for me, and as much as I enjoy my time with him very much, I don't quite think he understands how I relish days like today.....

But I digress...(as usual)...having a little more time this morning gave me some more time to promote on etsy and I sold 5 items today....not impressive at all compared to some sellers, but like they say, you have to start somewhere. Having only been lising and selling items for about 2 weeks, I'm almost a little proud of myself. Let's hope my sales (or at least my attitude regarding sales) continues.

Happy Weekend!!!