Saturday, November 3, 2007

Playing hooky pays off!

So seeing as I haven't had a spare minute to myself in the last few weeks, I took the day off. I stayed in my jammies til 10 and ate dry frosted mini wheats on the couch out of the box....I am a par-tay ANIMAL. It amazes me what I consider a 'treat' now as oppossed to 5 or even 3 years ago. Just the thought of having time to myself (that also created a 3-day weekend) was enough to keep me walking on fluffy little clouds all week. However an idea is really all I husband's last case was at 10 this morning so he was home around 1:30 as oppossed to the expected 4:30. He considered this a nice surprise for me, and as much as I enjoy my time with him very much, I don't quite think he understands how I relish days like today.....

But I digress...(as usual)...having a little more time this morning gave me some more time to promote on etsy and I sold 5 items today....not impressive at all compared to some sellers, but like they say, you have to start somewhere. Having only been lising and selling items for about 2 weeks, I'm almost a little proud of myself. Let's hope my sales (or at least my attitude regarding sales) continues.

Happy Weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 1....

So after much consulting with more successful sellers on Etsy than myself, I've been encouraged that this is the way to go. I'm still not sure what to think, seeing as this whole 'blogging' thing is fairly new to me, even as a member of a tech-savvy generation. A part of me thinks this is just going to end up the type pad for my constant mental monologue (which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world). Hopefully, that part of me is wrong and this will serve as another jumping-off point for the venture that people have told me I should be attempting for a while now. Although I might not have the most confidence in myself, I know that if I try and fail, at least I tried. And hopefully will have had a good time and met some new people while doing so.

In other news, it's so cold in New Jersey this morning that I can't even feel my painfully bruised & broken pinky toe due to the numbing temperatures. As much as I appreciate the change of seasons here, I could definitely deal with an environment where they weren't quite so least the cold ones....Memphis, anyone???