Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Matches are Made!

Just an update for those participating in Etsy penpals- the matches are officially all made! I will be convo-ing people their matches this evening. I did my best to fulfill everyone's requests but unfortunately couldn't meet each and every one. I then tried to match people on interests, age, etc. and I hope all the matches work out well. Once you've gotten a chance to get to know your penpal, please drop me a line if you get a chance and let me know how I did!

Thanks again to all that participated!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pen-Pals Update!!!

First off, I want to thank everyone who signed up for Etsy pen-pals - we've had an awesome turn out and I couldn't be happier with the whole project!

Questionnaires went out last week and although I've gotten quite a few back, I'm still waiting on a handful to be filled out and returned. While going through the ones I have, I've already made what I think are a few great match-ups but I don't want to send people their partners until I've chosen them for everyone! I'm going to send a few reminders for questionnaires out tonight and will hopefully be able to complete matching everyone up this week.

In other Etsy news, I'm having a Christmas in July sale! All Christmas items are 50% off their listed prices. Stock up before the holidays, chilly weather, and postal slow-downs arrive!

It was a nice calm weekend at our house - we're trying to relax, get home stuff done, and curb our spending in anticipation of our summer vacation in less than two weeks! I can't wait! We're kind of vacation veterans of the Wildwood/Cape May area by now but if you have any suggestions for restaurants or things to do that we might not know of, feel free to leave a comment and let me know! We're always up for trying new things!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dear Pen-Pal,

Did you ever write that? As a kid, to another kid someplace else on the globe, usually as required by your English teacher :) But I, like lots of other kids, really enjoyed having a pen-pal! Today, it came up in the Etsy forums that lots of us would like another go at having a pen-pal. So here goes - welcome to the Etsy pen-pal signups!

If you would like to write letters back and forth with another Etsy crafter, please e-mail me at or convo me on Etsy. And we're talking real letters - stationary, postcards, and postage stamps. Maybe even a fun care package or small gift now and then if you want.

I'd like to get all participants together by Friday of this week. Once I have a list of participants, I will send out a short survey (5-10 questions) just to get a short list of your general interests and of course, your mailing address. Once I have everyone's info, I'll do my best to find compatible matches and will send everyone the info for their new pen-pal.

This should be lots and lots of fun and I hope we get a great turnout!

If you have any questions, you can contact me at the e-mail address above.

Monday, July 7, 2008

So what did you do this weekend?

I made cards. Lots of cards. 45-ish to be exact. Here's a random sampling of them -

My 'real' job is a little busier than normal this week so I'll do my best to get them listed ASAP...if you see one in the photo that you'd like me to hang on to for you, just convo me on Etsy or leave me a message here and let me know.

Sadly, we lost our beloved Louie this weekend. He had the most wonderful life any rat could ask for and went to sleep Saturday and just never woke up. His lifetime cagemate, Killer, misses him very much, as do we.

Besides that, it was kind of rainy in NJ this weekend so we made it a Blockbuster Weekend. We saw and liked Hairspray, Dan in Real Life, the 40-year old Virgin, The Ten, and The Number 23. Well, I liked the Number 23, Rob did not. We also started to watch a movie called The 13th Child: Legend of the Jersey devil. I would not recommend it, we got so bored we actually just turned it off and returned it.

Oh, and Rob made an awesome batch of Memphis style (of course) BBQ ribs. Feel free to drool.

Hope your weekend was great! This upcoming weekend I'm headed to Wildwood with Krystan - I can't wait!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Goodies...

So I've been trying out some new ideas for my shop. I've made 2 new sets of tags in new styles. One set is wrapped with ribbon around the bottom of a large tag and then has a little bow of the same ribbon tied around the tag's hanging string. The other set is made of very tiny white tags and has layered flowers with a silver center. The photos are darker than I'd like but I was working on them til the wee hours last night.

So What do you think????

I also made a few sets of stamped tiny tags that I'll be listing in my Etsy shop today. I made these adorable bluebirds, deep red hearts and bright pink summery flip-flops!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!!! I'm hoping to get some crafts finished up and relax at home.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's been too long...

Sorry for my unplanned absence, things at work and home got a little more hectic than usual for the past couple of weeks. But I have lots of recent fun things to report and a few awesome upcoming things to fill you in on too!

First off, if you know me, you know that I never went on rides as a kid. Being from New Jersey, that's almost a sin. Between our legendary boardwalks, the proximity to Dorney Park, Hersheypark, and the fact that there's a Six Flags in South Jersey, there's pretty much no excuse not to give it a shot. Now go forward 20 years and now I'm an adult in NJ that's never been on a ride...married to a man that loves them. So after a few years of making excuses and finding ways around it, I finally bit the bullet two weeks ago and went on my very first ride! Not a big deal to most people, I'm sure, but it was a HUGE deal for me. And I loved it so much that we went back down to the boardwalk this past weekend to ride some more!

For those of you that aren't familiar with the Jersey shore and our boardwalks and amusement piers, here's a shot taken from the top of the ferris wheel, overlooking a few rides and the beach in Seaside Park. No, I will not ride that roller matter how fearless I get. People have a lot of bad things to say about Seaside Heights and while some of them have merit, they have done quite a bit to make it nicer and safer over the past few years and I really have a good time when we visit for the day.

If you don't already know, I'm somewhat addicted to the's actually the scariest part about possibly moving to Tennessee for me, I've never been that far from the ocean. We take several day trips to the shore every year and one big vacation in August to Wildwood Crest. This year Rob and I are going for ten days in the beginning of August and I cannot wait! My mom is even coming down for a few days too! We'll spend most of our days on the beach and our nights on the boardwalk or in Atlantic City. We also spend a day or two in my beloved Cape May, walking the mall, going to Sunset Beach, and going to their awesome (and free) zoo.

And if that ten day trip weren't enough, I'm also going to Wildwood for a weekend with a friend that I met on Etsy! Krystan has never been to the Jersey shore and I'm so psyched to show her around and just get a great little vacation to have fun and relax.

If anyone is considering travelling to Wildwood or Cape May or has never been there and has questions, please let me know...I'm a vacation veteran in that area and would love to make some recommendations!!!

For any of you that I've now got craving the beach, but for whatever reason it's not an option right now, I may have a solution for you.... This is the most authentic 'beach' scented product I've ever used and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's just all-around awesome and you can get it in HelloCrafty's Etsy shop. In fact, all her products are incredible and if you're not a beach kind of person, try the Satsuma lotion :) It smells good enough to eat.

Did you ever do something even though it was against a rule that you yourself created? I did yesterday. I've been telling myself and my husband for months now - no more pets! The majority of our fancy rats are older now and it will be easier to move the fewer we have. But then I walked into the pet store yesterday, looking for a simple container of dried plankton and came home with this.

Meet Coriander. Cori, for short. I apologize for the crummy picture, I took it with my phone as soon as we got home (which is why he's still in his pet store box) to send to his new dad who was still at work. I normally don't even buy my ratties at pet stores but he is quite the exceptional boy. He was marked 'for pet only' and has obviously been adored by the pet store staff - they were so excited that he was coming home with me! Normally when I get a new rat, they're cautious, a little skittish, and generally fearful for at least a couple of days. Not Cori! He's just all love, he gives kisses and snuggles and took treats from my hand as soon as I got him home. He's living on his own for just a few days as a precaution and then will be moving in with Jake, Louie, and Killer as long as they all get along well.

And in my true childlike nature, I am way too excited that my birthday is now within a month's time. I normally don't make gift requests from him but this year I've asked (ok, begged) my husband for a Nintendo Wii...we'll see later this month if he comes through!

My Etsy shop should be updated this weekend with some new cards and other paper sure to take a look!